Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 
from Kate and the furballs

2012 was a bit of a chaotic years. We had new foster cats come in and old ones find homes. I found myself a new job, then lost it due to illness. And the whole household had to move from the 3-bedroom house we had called home for 8 years to a spare bedroom in my parents' house. Still, all's well that ends well and the year is kindly leaving us on the whole better off than when the year began.

Here's to hoping 2013 brings happiness, warm laps, and plenty of sandpaper kitty kisses.

Best wishes,
Kate, Diedra, Ashi, Ivy Girl, Dexter & Bubbaloo

In case you missed any of the ins and outs of the past year, here is an update on each kitty:

Tyrone is still happy and healthy and living in northern Utah with Kristin and the kids. This year he got a new kitty brother - named Kitty - adopted from our sister Abbie when she moved to Michigan.

Mouse was picked up by Best Friends Animal Society when they opened their new adoption center in Trolley Square in Salt Lake City. The intrepid little darling was there less than a week before finding her forever home.

Sandi was also picked up by Best Friends for the new adoption center. It took her a little longer - about 2 months - but she also found a forever home in a house with no other cats to take attention away from her.

Boots had to be returned to the Ivins No-kill Shelter because of behavioral problems. He just wouldn't stop spraying, no matter what we tried. The timing was perfect, though. Within a couple of weeks a family came looking for a cat and Boots, who was usually very timid around strangers, came right up and curled up in the daughter's lap. They took him home as a temporary foster, then adopted him a few weeks later. No problems with spraying in the new house; he is perfectly at home.

I had pretty much despaired of ever finding Bob a forever home, but I was reluctant to adopt him permanently because Diedra was so afraid of him. His FIV-positive status kept him out of the adoption centers and turned off many potential adopters. He was posted on Best Friends' "for adoption" list and put on the waiting list for their FIV house. On the same day, I got word of another potential adopter wanting to meet him - a young couple visiting St. George from Idaho Falls - and received notice that room had opened up at Best Friends. The couple came and met him and it went well, but they seemed uncertain, so I made arrangements to transport him to the sanctuary in Kanab. But the couple called back; they just couldn't stop thinking about Bob. He is now living the good life in Idaho with a kitty brother to snuggle with and an Eskie to torment.

Ivy Girl
After several months of having a whole house to play and exercise in, Ivy's muscle control improved dramatically. The cerebellar hypoplasia still leaves her with a head bobble and she still occasional has trouble with falling over, but she is a completely different cat. She is still deaf, of course, but that doesn't slow her down in the least. With the help of a set of portable steps, she can now get on my bed and she has claimed the entire end of the bed as her own. She loves to sit in the front window and watch the birds and chase my mom's oxygen tubing across the floor.

With the big scary Bob gone, Diedra has become the undisputed queen of the house. She claims the best sleeping spots for herself and is always there at gushy food time, making it known that she had better get her bowl first. She still loves high places, and can be found lurking on the top of my desk or on top of the piano doing her gargoyle impersonation. She also love watching the birds and will sometimes ... if she feels like it ... share the window sill with Ivy.

Ashi's life had been pretty dismal in the old house. Living with a vegan was hard on that cheese-loving old gal and her only joy seemed to be the occasional nap on top of the dryer while it was running. All that has changed at Grandma's and Grandpa's house! Thanks to those stairs she can get on my bed and its electric blanket and the Fat Brown Cat has learned that Grandpa is a total pushover so she is always getting special treats from him, usually CHEESE! There are also a lot more laps to choose from - and did I mention she gets cheese?

Dexter & Bubbaloo
Dexter (gray & white) and Bubbaloo (orange tabby) are my parents' cats so they have shown up in Kate's Cats a couple of times. Now they are a permanent part of the crew. Dexter is a shy old lady cat - she's about the same age as Ashi - who spends most of her time sleeping on my parents' bed and/or cleaning Bubby's ears. Bubbaloo is younger, but since he hasn't had anyone to really play with he got lazy and fat. Yes, he even outweighs the Fat Brown Cat. He has livened up since I moved in with my crew and we have even caught him and Diedra playing together - but only if they think we aren't watching.