Saturday, March 24, 2012

Boots & Mouse

Mouse and Boots spend a LOT of time together.
I really don't understand why these sweethearts don't have forever homes yet. They are loving and adorable. And if at all possible I would like to keep them together.

Boots is finally learning to relax.
Boots, the tuxedo, was born and raised in a shelter. When he came to my house as a foster he had never been in a home before. He was scared of everything and would hide in a box or crate at every little noise. After months, he still wouldn't sit on my lap or relax. I was worried he would never adapt to being in a home.

Mouse doesn't fear much of anything.
Then Mouse showed up. Someone dumped her near my house and she showed up literally on my doorstep. She is a normal playful kitten and she and Boots became instant friends. Mouse is the best thing that could happen to Boots: she taught him what it is like to play and cuddle.

Cuddle time!
These two are inseparable. Boots now comes and demands lap time and he is less jumpy and scared. He still takes some time to warm up to strangers, but he is doing very well. Mouse, of course, fears nothing.

Won't you please welcome these two adorable kitties into your home?

Wrestling time!
Boots is adoptable through the Ivins Animal Shelter. The info is on the left side of this page. Mouse is adoptable through me. She has not been spayed yet - I'm working on raising funds for it. Boots is neutered.