Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fuzzy socks!

This year, Santa gave us what is probably the best present EVER!

Fuzzy slipper socks! With pompoms!
This pair of fuzzy slipper socks with pompoms seemed like a simple thing at first, but they have turned into a thing of wonder. First, of course, they keep my feet warm. This is no small feet (ahem, sorry. Feat). They are light-weight and cozy and have those little dot thingies on the bottom to keep me from falling on my kiester in the kitchen.

But not only to they keep my feet warm, but they are endless entertainment for the kitties! I knew from the moment I unwrapped them that the pompoms would have to go. Seriously, who puts dangling pompoms on socks? (answer: someone who has never lived with cats). The pompoms lasted about 3 minutes before I grabbed a pair of scissors and lopped them off.

The remains of pompom Number 1. Yes, that is Bobby pretending he didn't see anything.
Then the mayhem began. The cats went insane for them. They ignored the catnip mice, packing boxes and wads of wrapping paper in favor of those little bits of yarn. Mouse spent more than an hour carrying one around and tossing it into the air.

Well, it wasn't to last. On Dec. 30, I found the sad remains of one of the pompoms. Then today, I found the dismembered bits of two more. There is still one left alive somewhere - it probably watched from under the couch as the others met their end.

The remains of two more pompoms, along with some bits from a shopping bag. The kitties has a wild night of it.
The socks themselves are a big hit as well. I have found them all over the house: in Ivy's cat cube, on Boots' hammock bed, peeking out from under the bed and under the pillows on the couch. Every time I go to put them on I have to track down one of them. Just this morning I caught Mouse in the act of dashing down the hall with one of them to stash it in the dining room drapes.

I may need to track down a few more pairs - just so I actually have some to wear.

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