Monday, November 21, 2011

Yes, Ivy is named after THAT Ivy

It has been a frequently asked question this past week so I will answer you all at once:

Ivy Girl makes sure I take a break from working.
Yes, my newly adopted Ivy - or Ivy Girl - is in fact named after the vampire Ivy Tamwood in Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan books.

Many of you are now saying "I figured that." If instead you are saying "who?" then you need to run - don't walk - to the nearest book store or library and get them immediately. This is not optional. It is mandatory. Kim Harrison is one of my favorite authors EVER and you need to experience her books for yourself.

The other FAQ of the week comes from the people who knew the source of the name. And that is why I would name her after Ivy. Well, the answer is easy if you have ever met my sweet Ivy Girl.

This cat just matches the book character so well. She is dark, sleek and beautiful. She is also "special" and has problems expressing what she wants. With the vampire it is because of abuse and her nature as a vampire. With the cat, it is because she is basically autistic - she has cerebellar abiotrophy and she is almost completely deaf. She will want attention, but isn't sure how to get it. Then, when you start petting her, it gets to be too much and she gets over excited and frantic. You have to step back and let her calm down. You always have to let her come to you. But it is worth the wait because she is a sweet, loving, wonderful cat.

So there you go. An explanation of the cat's name and a book recommendation. What more could you want?

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