Thursday, November 3, 2011

Look at what the Kate dragged in

First contact! Poor little cold, hungry baby. :-(
Yep. It's official. I am a sucker for cute little fuzzy faces.

A couple days ago I saw a little gray kitten sitting on the neighbor's porch crying. A little while later it was gone, and I figured it was theirs. I confirmed with them later that, yes, they had gotten a new cat.

The next day the kitten was back, meowing like mad. When it saw me on my porch, it ran across the driveway and tried to run in my house. I guessed the little thing was only 3 1/2 to 4 months old and I vowed to have a talk with my neighbor about letting such a young kitten run around alone. Well, when I was leaving for work I ran into the neighbor. He ask ME if it was MY kitten! They had a new cat, but he is all black, not gray, and was staying in the house.

Boots wants to know what that thing is on HIS couch!
I went to work and worried all night. The temperature was dropping rapidly and it was windy and scary outside. This little kitten was probably out there somewhere cold and alone. I just couldn't stand the thought. When I got home just before midnight I spent some time looking around, but couldn't find it. At that point the temp was just barely above freezing and I was praying that someone had taken the little thing inside.

Bathed and fed. Now fighting sleep.
Well, yesterday I was in my living room talking on the phone and the little gray kitten jumped up in the planters on my front porch and started crying at me through the window. I immediately went outside and sat down by the open door. She came right up - yes, I confirmed she is a she - and climbed on my lap. By this point she was skinny, although not emaciated, and her fur was dirty and almost matted. I held her for a few moments there on the porch while she purred like a V-8 engine. The I put her down and watched as she waltzed right in the door like she owned the place.

"No. Use the other picture for the flyer. It's cuter!"
After a ton of food and a bath, she was looking much better. She is most definitely not a feral and she wasn't on her own more than two or three days. The vet confirms she is about 3 to 3 1/2 months old and she has no parasites. I'm hoping there is a family looking for her and that she wasn't dumped. I have made posts on the FB pages of our local rescues and sent her photo to the local shelter. I will also print out some flyers to put up around the neighborhood. In the meantime, she is confusing the hell out of my cats and being overwhelmingly cute. I haven't named her yet - I'm really hoping she isn't here long - but instead have been calling her Little Bit or just Kitten. Yeah, I'm sure that won't last long. :-P

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