Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kids and cats go together

Mouse gets some love from Kassie.
My sister Kristin came down to visit this weekend. It was the first visit since she and her two kids moved out in April. We went through some stuff left in storage and then just pretty much sat back and watched the kids and the cats.

Kent gets reacquainted with Bobby.
Kent is now 6 and is in Kindergarten and Kassie is almost 5. They are more adorable than any kids should be allowed to be. I saw them pull up and went out to meet them and was completely thrilled by Kassie screaming "Aunt Kaaaaaaaaate" and running up the sidewalk to hug me. Kent was more laid back but still gave me a big hug.

Kassie and Ashi are ready for the holidays.
The cats had mixed feelings about the kids visiting. Boots ran and hid. He poked his head out a couple times but was a bit spooked by new people in the house. Bobby was mellow as can be and put up with hugs from both kids. He hissed at Kristin's boyfriend Ryan, though. Yeah, he still doesn't like men. Ashi just kinda sat there - I think she was disappointed they didn't bring her any cheese. She even let Kassie put a Santa hat on her. Diedra let them say hi and Sandi made a brief appearance.

Kassie and Ivy got along great. 
I loved watching Ivy with the kids. She was a little freaked at first but then settled down and even chased a string for a little bit for the kids. Mouse, of course, was in her element. She and Kent ran up and down the hallway with a string for pretty much the whole visit. Kassie made a few passes as well, but Kent dominated the kitten play. He was laughing and giggling as Mouse bounced and leapt and did pirouettes in mid-air.

None of my photos of Kent and Mouse turned out. This is the least blurry one. 
I tried to get photos but most of them didn't turn out. Those kids and those cats just move around too much. Still, it was a great time. Love those kids!

Mouse crashed out under the table after the kids left. Yep, she was tired.

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