Monday, October 24, 2011

Never before seen ...

I have something to show you. It is photographic evidence of a very rare phenomenon. In fact, I don't believe it has ever been captured on film before.

Are you ready to be amazed?


Seriously, this never happens. Anyone who has cats ... ahem, excuse me ... anyone who works for cats knows that a pristine cat box just never happens. The immediate second the new litter is poured into the scrubbed box, the cat has to get in there. It always happens. ALWAYS!

Well, we are going on 3 hours now and this cat box is still untouched. The other boxes have been "marked" of course but this one lies there full of virgin sand.

Hmmm ... maybe I should be worried? Are the cats sick? Is the litter contaminated? ACK! Now I'm getting paranoid!

Oh, wait. I hear scratching. Yep, the cat box has finally been claimed. Excuse me while I get the scooper ...

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