Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting crowded

Hanging out with my girl Mishu.
So, things may be getting a bit crowded at Kate's house. We have a new landlord, which is a good thing. We will finally get the nasty, disgusting carpet replaced and the dishwasher - which hasn't worked in 3 years - will get fixed. But the rent will be going up just a bit and they aren't too happy with 6 cats running around the place.

Of course, in a perfect world, four of the cats would be going to new homes very soon. Bobby, Boots, Sandi and Mishu are still looking for their forever homes, and if I can find new families for them that will bring the number down to a doable two. I'm just a little worried that this will put an end to my foster kitty days. We'll see how well I can sweet talk.

Ashi and Mishu collapse in exhaustion after tackling all those little colored mice. Yes, that carpet is nasty.
It looks like I will also need to find a roommate. Money is really tight and the paychecks just won't stretch to cover the new rent. Of course, whomever I find will need to really like cats ... that's non negotiable.

I've tried to talk all this over with the kids, but they aren't really paying attention. I'm pretty sure they don't really care what happens so long as they still get gushy food and cuddles on a regular basis.

Anyway, we'll see what happens.

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