Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The weather is finally cooling off here in Southern Utah. It's still getting up to the mid 80s during the day, but it's cooling off to the high 50s at night. It has been so nice, I've been sitting out with the cats for a little while in the evening.

Big bug! Apparently my pajama pants are good camouflage.
Well, Boots has discovered the joys of grasshoppers. We have alfalfa fields just a block away, so we get some monster hoppers around here. He brought back a few dead ones and left them sitting in the dining room. I wasn't too happy about that. Then he brought back a VERY live one. This particular hopper was about 4 inches long and had wings, so it half hopped and half flew. He chased that thing around the living room for quite a while, then the thing landed on my leg and ... he lost it.

For some reason, that HUGE bug landing on my leg meant he couldn't find it. He just sat there all confused and meowing while I tried not to completely freak out.

In the end, I finally got up the nerve to grab the thing and I re-released it back into the wilds of my front flower bed.

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