Sunday, October 30, 2011

Am I a horrible cat mother?

Ashi stalks Kent's dinner. 
Last night my kitties got a special treat. I went to a Halloween party and there was some cheese left on one of the snack tables, so I wrapped up a couple slices and brought them home.

Wow, did that go over well! Even Sandi came out to nibble a bit of Swiss, and she NEVER eats treats or snacks. Ashi was in heaven and purred hard enough to rattle the foundation. It was a night of kitty rapture.

Seeing them enjoy the simple treat made me feel rather guilty, actually. Sure, I spoil the kids. They get dry cat food and gushy cat food and crunchy and soft kitty treats. But that's it. I am vegan, so there is no meat or cheese in the house, so they are never interested in my food.

This wasn't always the case. Up until April, when my sister Kristin and her kids lived with me, there were all sorts of goodies to scavenge. Ashi made out like a bandit with cheese, chicken nuggets and peanut butter. Now she has to make do with broccoli and tofu - not a fair trade in her opinion.

No, I'm not going to start eating meat and cheese just for the cats. But I might start bringing them treasures a little more often.

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