Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catching up

The boys hang out by the front window.
How have I not posted in more than a week? Time flies when you're running around like a headless chicken, I guess.

There seems to be a bit of cat hair on my pillow.
The good news is I've been feeling a lot better. The bad news is I've been trying to catch up on EVERYTHING so I haven't had much time to just sit on the computer and play. Of course, I still make sure I spend some quality time with the kitties each day. That's non-negotiable.

Morning snuggles with Boots.
Sandi gets her snuggles when I go to bed at night. She loves to curl up next to my pillow and purr or lay next to me and make biscuits against my back. Bobby will wander in at some point during the night and sprawl out next to my feet. Then Boots comes rushing in as soon as he hears my alarm in the morning. I've learned to set it early so I have some extra time for Boots loves before I get up.

Hanging out with Mishu on the couch.
Mishu isn't a big snuggler, but I will spend some time sitting next to her on the couch - her favorite spot. She will butt her head against me and purr. Of course, the second  I sit down on the couch Ashi has to come snuggle. My lap is HER domain! She plops herself down on me (cutting off circulation to my legs, usually) and purrs like mad. She will growl if any of the other cats get to close and I am always entertained when she purrs and growls at the same time.

Ashi has me pinned. 
Diedra prefers to get her snuggle time while I'm trying to work at the computer. And she knows if I'm working or playing. Right now, for instance, she isn't anywhere nearby. But the second I start trying to work on a story or download something to edit, she'll be right here. She likes to sit on the mouse pad, blocking all mouse movement, or she lays in front of the keyboard like a big fluffy wrist rest, making it impossible to type.

The Diedra computer block.
With the exception of the boys, none of the cats like to snuggle with each other so I have to get most of my quality time one-on-one - which is fine with me. That just means more kitty snuggle time.

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