Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catching up

The boys hang out by the front window.
How have I not posted in more than a week? Time flies when you're running around like a headless chicken, I guess.

There seems to be a bit of cat hair on my pillow.
The good news is I've been feeling a lot better. The bad news is I've been trying to catch up on EVERYTHING so I haven't had much time to just sit on the computer and play. Of course, I still make sure I spend some quality time with the kitties each day. That's non-negotiable.

Morning snuggles with Boots.
Sandi gets her snuggles when I go to bed at night. She loves to curl up next to my pillow and purr or lay next to me and make biscuits against my back. Bobby will wander in at some point during the night and sprawl out next to my feet. Then Boots comes rushing in as soon as he hears my alarm in the morning. I've learned to set it early so I have some extra time for Boots loves before I get up.

Hanging out with Mishu on the couch.
Mishu isn't a big snuggler, but I will spend some time sitting next to her on the couch - her favorite spot. She will butt her head against me and purr. Of course, the second  I sit down on the couch Ashi has to come snuggle. My lap is HER domain! She plops herself down on me (cutting off circulation to my legs, usually) and purrs like mad. She will growl if any of the other cats get to close and I am always entertained when she purrs and growls at the same time.

Ashi has me pinned. 
Diedra prefers to get her snuggle time while I'm trying to work at the computer. And she knows if I'm working or playing. Right now, for instance, she isn't anywhere nearby. But the second I start trying to work on a story or download something to edit, she'll be right here. She likes to sit on the mouse pad, blocking all mouse movement, or she lays in front of the keyboard like a big fluffy wrist rest, making it impossible to type.

The Diedra computer block.
With the exception of the boys, none of the cats like to snuggle with each other so I have to get most of my quality time one-on-one - which is fine with me. That just means more kitty snuggle time.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am now obsolete

It's official. The cats don't need me any more. They have shown that they are capable of hunting down and killing their own food. In fact, not only did they kill the bag of kibble and disembowel it in the middle of the floor, they somehow managed to drag the carcass across the living room into the hallway.

Bobby and Boots are very proud of their hunting skills.

Of course, they still need someone to bring that bag of kibble into the house. Hmmm ... and they can't get the cans of gushy food open on their own. OK, I guess they still need me after all.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Road Trip!

Sweet little "Bobbin" sitting in the carrier. As kids we called quail bobbins because their heads bob when they run.
So, I was sitting at home yesterday afternoon trying to figure out what to do with my Friday night. Then I saw a post on Facebook from Wild Friends at Best Friends Animal Society. They needed transport for an injured bird from Ivins to the sanctuary in Kanab.

I'm a sucker for any kind of animal - yes, I once nursed a snake back to health - and I really didn't have anything better to do with my evening. Actually, I had an online meeting/conference scheduled for 8:30 p.m. and I knew there was no way I could make it to Kanab and back before then. But hey! There was a bird that needed help!

Looking a bit ominous there in the distance
I called in to see if they had transport yet for the bird. They didn't. The lady who had found it was only about 2 blocks from me, so the pickup was a snap. I had talked to Carmen at Wild Friends and we arranged to meet in Fredonia, Ariz., which is about 30 minutes closer to me than Kanab. I was a little concerned over the flash flood warnings for Washington and Kane counties (I live in Washington County and Kanab is in Kane County) so I swapped my little coup for my parents' Suzuki. Then I loaded up the little birdie, some snacks, some bottled water and my rain slicker and hit the road. You can see a map of the route here.

... and looking even more ominous.
The bird turned out to be a quail and I think it was a he, possibly still immature. His poor little legs weren't working and he possibly had a broken pelvis. He just kinda sat there all floofed up, but he was alert and looking around. The lady I picked him up from had put him in a carrier with some water and a bit of feed from her chickens and he seemed comfy enough. He scared the shit out of me at one point when he scooched over to be near the food. I thought he had rolled over on his back and I had to pull off the freeway to make sure he was OK.

Lovely scenery, though.
It was an OK drive out there despite the looming clouds and nasty crosswinds. It took a little longer than normal to get there because of the weather but I still made it to Fredonia in less than 2 hours. Carmen met me and we made the transfer to her car. Then she went off to put little "Bobbin" on a heating pad and give him an exam and I stopped for some coffee and pointed the car toward home.

Our meeting spot at the Fredonia, Arizona, town hall.
On a side note, I love driving through small towns. Yes, I live in what most would consider a small town, but compared to Hildale, Colorado City and Fredonia I live in a metropolis. I pulled in to top off my gas tank and stood in line between two guys stopping there to get hunting licenses. I was, by the way, wearing my "Flesh is for Zombies" t-shirt from Sick On Sin and I had to explain what that meant. They were completely baffled by the "vegan nonsense" and shook their heads in disbelief as they shot me backward glances on their way out the door. The sweet lady behind the counter told me to "never mind them, honey" as she rang up my cup of coffee and bag of raisins.

Bobbin after the ride. Still just hanging out.
The drive home went pretty quick, although I got highly annoyed by the oncoming drivers who refused to turn off their brights. I made it home by about 10:30 p.m. and gave the cats a late supper.

I haven't heard back from Wild Friends on Bobbin's condition. I'll post as soon as I hear.

UPDATE: Sunday, Sept. 11
I got a quick e-mail from Wild Friends today:
Hi Kathryn - So far so good.  We have him on some nice meds and have splinted a fracture in his leg.  So, hopefully in about 1 month he will be good to go back out.  Thanks again!!  Carmen
I will keep pestering them for progress and let you all know how he's doing and when he will be released.