Monday, August 29, 2011

Lazy Days

Ashi's favorite splat spot lately is the SuperScratcher. Yeah, I don't understand it either. 
I've never understood why they call it the Dog Days of Summer. These long, hot days are made for lazing around, which in my mind makes them the Cat Days of Summer. After all, who is better at relaxing?

Bobby usually just plops down in the middle of the floor somewhere. 
I always want to take a nap when the temps top 100 degrees. The cats are no exception. In fact, according to my calculations, the melting point of cat is 103.6 degrees F. At that point, they go completely boneless and can't be roused for anything short of a fresh can of tuna.

Boots found a cool spot on the bathroom counter.
Of course, a melted cat will immediately return to a solid - and highly excited - state with the addition of a tiny amount of water.
Diedra, as always, hangs in the potato box on top of the fridge. Actually, the box doesn't store potatoes any more. I got tired of them being fuzzy, so I moved them someplace else.
I can always tell when it starts to hit the really hot part of the day. Boots and Bobby are usually chasing each other around and Sandi is yowling to go outside. Then they start to slow down. The wrestling match turns into a groom-fest, then they wander off to collapse in exhaustion. By the time 1 p.m. rolls around, they have gone completely dormant.

Mishu is all about luxury. Her favorite spot is on the couch.
Then, as the sun goes down and the weather starts to cool, they slowly return to life. They start twitching and even lift a head as I walk by, then they'll start wandering around looking for food.

Sandi has usurped my desk chair. Yep, it's hers now.
Their favorite, of course, is if I also take a nap in the middle of the day. They will work in shifts to make sure I  have sufficient nap support through the afternoon. How's that for dedication?

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