Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cats are subtle creatures

Funny story from yesterday:

I have been pretty tired and sick lately, but the cats have made sure I've stayed on task with things like scooping the litter boxes (Ashi hates a dirty box and will express her displeasure by pooping on my bathroom rug) and keeping the food dishes full (Diedra will use an empty food dish as a hockey puck). For the most part, though, they have been helping me get plenty of rest. :-)

Yesterday was a long day. I had to work far too early in the morning and we had a computer system change-over at work. It was chaotic, to say the least, and by the time I got home I was brain dead and exhausted. The kitties and I had some snuggle time and we played for a bit. Ashi and Boots got some grooming time in. Basically, we had a quiet evening.

I finally hit the point in the evening where I decided I wasn't going to get anything productive done so I may as well go to bed. I changed into my PJs and went in to brush my teeth. Then Mishu jumped up on the bathroom counter. Mishu NEVER jumps up on the counter. Then Bobby started rubbing against my legs and then sat and staired at me. Diedra jumped up on the other side of the sink and just stared - without hissing at Mishu, which is strange to say the least. Then I noticed Ashi and Boots also in the bathroom behind me. All 6 cats were just sitting there staring at me. No one was hissing or growling at each other and no one was meowing or making a fuss. They just stared ....

OK, I was a little freaked. I could imagine horror movie theme music playing in the background. Was an earthquake about to hit? Were we being invaded by zombies? Were they predicting I was about to collapse in a seizure? WHAT WAS GOING ON??!!

Then it clicked. It was 9:30 p.m. and I hadn't fed them their gushy food.

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  1. lolol "were they predicting I was about to collapse in a seizure." i would be freaked out too.
    9:30pm! Seriously woman! This is cat abuse!