Saturday, July 16, 2011

Special Deals for July!!

Look at this awesome box! This box was specially designed to hold Otis Spunkmeyer frozen chocolate chip cookie dough. It is in excellent shape with only slight bending on the edges of the box flaps. For the month of July, you can take home this box FREE! But wait! There's more! If you call now, we'll throw in this adorable Calico Cat for absolutely no charge!
Yes, I have been offline at home for more than a week now. My laptop died and my meager IT skills weren't up to the task of reviving it. The cats tried to be supportive (check out this video of my Fuzzy IT Support), but I just couldn't get it to work. Now I'm waiting for a paycheck so I can get it into the shop. 

In the meantime I am posting sporadically from my phone and trying to check posts when I can at work - like now. (Don't tell my boss). The really sad part is I was going to post a kitty a day from the Ivins Animal Shelter to really push their free cat adoptions for July. Damn you, technology!!! Why did you fail me!!??

Do you have trouble keeping your books open when you read? Do your hands get tired holding those big hardcovers? We have a solution! This month only, you can get this one-of-a-kind Maine Coon mix fuzzy book weight FREE! Yes, you read that right! This amazing device - which can also be used as a hallway speed bump or a door stop - is free for the month of July. Call now! 
As I mentioned in my previous post back on the 6th, The Ivins Animal Shelter is completely packed with cats. It is a no-kill shelter, so the cats aren't in danger. But the shelter is not able to take any new cats right now, so any more that are rescued have to go to other shelter that ARE kill shelters. We really need to get these cats adopted out so the shelter can take more.

And yes, the free adoptions include Sandi and Bobby. If I can find them homes, then I can take a couple more foster cats. It's all about turnover!

You can see some of the cats up for adoption on Petfinder - although not all of them are listed yet - or you can call 435-673-1718. Or drop me a comment here or email me at SouthernUtahWriter @ and I'll get you all the info I can. Together we can find all these kitties homes.

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