Wednesday, July 6, 2011

OMG! Kittens are free!!


The Ivins Animal Shelter is full of cats. And by full I mean they have cats and kittens crammed into every nook and cranny they can think of and in every foster home they can find. Ivins is a no-kill shelter, so the cats are all safe. But there is no room for any more, so any other kitties that are found have to go somewhere else - and the other shelter are kill shelters.
Peanut Butter
To help relieve the feline pressure, the shelter is offering free cat adoptions throughout July. Yes, you heard that right: FREE CAT ADOPTIONS!!! And so the puppies don't feel left out, all dog adoptions are half price.

The Ivins Animal Shelter is the only no-kill municipal shelter in Utah. It is located at 474 N. 200 West in Ivins, just outside the city of St. George, Utah. Ivins is at the south edge of Snow Canyon State Park and is home to the Tuacahn Amphitheatre, where they do live Broadway shows throughout the summer, and Fitness Ridge, where they film The Biggest Loser. It is also only an hour from Zion National Park, an hour and half from Las Vegas, and three hours from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

In other words, come visit Ivins! See the gorgeous scenery, catch a play and see if you can see anyone "losing it." Stop by my house - only a mile south of the shelter - and have some homemade vegetarian lasagna. And visit all the wonderful cats and kittens at the shelter and take one or three home with you. A kitty is a much better travel momento than a shot glass.

BTW - my foster cats Sandi and Bobby fall under this deal. You could take either - or both - home with you.

You can see some of the cats up for adoption on Petfinder - although not all of them are listed yet - or you can call 435-673-1718. Or drop me a comment here or email me at SouthernUtahWriter @ and I'll get you all the info I can. Together we can find all these kitties homes.

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