Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meet Mishu

Beautiful Mishu knows she looks good on the colored rug.
Yes, I am a sucker for cute fuzzy faces. And I really can't resist the hard-luck cases. Aggie, the shelter manager in Ivins, knows this and she knows just how to tug my heart strings.

Well, my heartstrings were downright yanked when I looked at Mishu. Or is her name Michu? Or maybe Misha? There was a bit of confusion over the whole he/she issue and his/her name. Aggie has about 50 cats to keep track of so I'm not surprised she gets a little confused. But although she keeps calling she a he, Aggie obviously knows what kind of attention she needs. To further the confusion, the shelter paperwork says her name is Michu but the Petfinder ad says it is Misha. She doesn't seem to care what I call her so I split the difference and have taken to calling her Mishu.

Mishu loves this little hideaway. She'll sit and bat at the ball ages. 
Mishu is a beautiful, laid-back girl. She is all black without even a spot of white and has the most beautiful yellow  eyes. She is at least 2 years old, but is still young enough to be playful. She is an endearing, friendly cat and she has some motor control issues. Originally we thought she had a mild case of Cerebellar Hypoplasia, but after a trip to the vet we determined she actually has Cerebellar Abiotrophy. She is happy and healthy, but she has trouble running into things when she gets excited and her head bobs when she eats. There is always a possibility her symptoms will get worse as she gets older, so whomever adopts her will need to be willing to accommodate a special-needs kitty.

Yep, Sittin' pretty.
Mishu is worth any extra attention she may need. She is so beautiful and she makes any room she enters her own. She loves to bat the catnip toys down the hall and she absolutely loves the kitty hideaway with the dangling toys. She is going to be a wonderful addition to someone's family.

Mishu is adoptable through the Ivins Animal Shelter. You can see her Petfinder ad or you can visit her at the shelter in Ivins. You can also contact me for more info.

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