Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back online!!

Foster cat Boots finally wandered out of the closet and discovered the couch!
Yeah! My poor dead computer has been revived! This means I can start blogging again!

Foster cat Mishu isn't shy at all. She is making herself right at home.
Here is a quick catch-up. I promise to write more in-depth later:

The Ivins Animal Shelter is completely packed. No one is adopting and the animals keep pouring in. I've talked to Aggie, the shelter manager, about what we can do about the overload. We are researching mandatory spay/neuter ordinances and other long-term fixes. In the short term, we're just trying to get the word out and network.

Diedra is sulking in the potato bin again.
I still have not been able to find homes for Sandi and Bobby. And I actually took in two more foster cats - Mishu and Boots - to help Aggie with the load at the shelter. Both of the new cats need a little more one-on-one attention than they were getting at the crowded shelter. Full write-ups on them coming soon. To tide you over, here are some cute pics. I also shot welcome videos that are now on YouTube: Meet Mishu and Meet Boots.

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