Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meet Boots

Boots braves the living room to get some loves.
I picked up Boots at the same time I picked up Mishu. He had the saddest story and I just couldn't turn down this handsome young man.

Boots was born in the city shelter in Mesquite, Nevada. He lived the first part of his life in a cage and when he started to pace and fret like a caged lion, the shelter manager there arranged to have him moved to Ivins. There he was free to roam about one of the large cat rooms and play with other cats and he was much happier.

One of his safe sleeping spots is in the "bunk beds" in the foster room.
He is now about 10 months old and until I took him home he had never set paw in a house.

The poor little guy was scared to death. I kept him and Mishu - who had been in the same cat room at the shelter - in my foster room for the first two days. Boots spent the first day in the closet, then finally wandered out and could be found in one of the covered cat beds. I would go in to visit and he would run and hide. But if I sat down on the floor he would come slinking out, crouched low with eyes big as dinner plates. He would sniff at me, then curl up on my lap and purr like mad as I pet him. Any sudden movements or noises and he would run back into hiding again.

Boots feels safest in a cage, so I leave a carrier open for him when he gets spooked.
After a couple of days I let him and Mishu out to explore,  under closer supervision, of course. Mishu showed no fear, but Boots took forever to wander out the door. Then he found that the closet in my bedroom was a much better hiding place than the empty one in the foster room. He hid in there for 2 days, creeping out at night to get food.

He is slowly getting bolder, although he still needs a safe place to hide when he gets spooked. I have left one of the cat carriers open in the foster room and he runs there and hides when it all gets too much for him. He will come out to the living room now and crawl up into my lap while I'm on the couch. He absolutely loves to be petted and loved on. And his fur is silky soft and a pleasure to play with.

I'm having a hard time getting a photo of Boot's face. He is always in motion and is always sniffing at the camera. All I get are profile shots or extreme closeups of his nose.
At the rate he's going he will be the perfect lap cat within a few more weeks. He is still a baby and loves to play when he isn't scared to death. And he is learning that houses have all sorts of cool things to explore and soft places to sleep. He would love to come investigate your house.

Boots is adoptable through the Ivins Animal Shelter. You can get more info on his Petfinder profile, or you can visit the shelter in Ivins. And, of course, you can message me for more info on this dapper young gentleman.

Meet Mishu

Beautiful Mishu knows she looks good on the colored rug.
Yes, I am a sucker for cute fuzzy faces. And I really can't resist the hard-luck cases. Aggie, the shelter manager in Ivins, knows this and she knows just how to tug my heart strings.

Well, my heartstrings were downright yanked when I looked at Mishu. Or is her name Michu? Or maybe Misha? There was a bit of confusion over the whole he/she issue and his/her name. Aggie has about 50 cats to keep track of so I'm not surprised she gets a little confused. But although she keeps calling she a he, Aggie obviously knows what kind of attention she needs. To further the confusion, the shelter paperwork says her name is Michu but the Petfinder ad says it is Misha. She doesn't seem to care what I call her so I split the difference and have taken to calling her Mishu.

Mishu loves this little hideaway. She'll sit and bat at the ball ages. 
Mishu is a beautiful, laid-back girl. She is all black without even a spot of white and has the most beautiful yellow  eyes. She is at least 2 years old, but is still young enough to be playful. She is an endearing, friendly cat and she has some motor control issues. Originally we thought she had a mild case of Cerebellar Hypoplasia, but after a trip to the vet we determined she actually has Cerebellar Abiotrophy. She is happy and healthy, but she has trouble running into things when she gets excited and her head bobs when she eats. There is always a possibility her symptoms will get worse as she gets older, so whomever adopts her will need to be willing to accommodate a special-needs kitty.

Yep, Sittin' pretty.
Mishu is worth any extra attention she may need. She is so beautiful and she makes any room she enters her own. She loves to bat the catnip toys down the hall and she absolutely loves the kitty hideaway with the dangling toys. She is going to be a wonderful addition to someone's family.

Mishu is adoptable through the Ivins Animal Shelter. You can see her Petfinder ad or you can visit her at the shelter in Ivins. You can also contact me for more info.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back online!!

Foster cat Boots finally wandered out of the closet and discovered the couch!
Yeah! My poor dead computer has been revived! This means I can start blogging again!

Foster cat Mishu isn't shy at all. She is making herself right at home.
Here is a quick catch-up. I promise to write more in-depth later:

The Ivins Animal Shelter is completely packed. No one is adopting and the animals keep pouring in. I've talked to Aggie, the shelter manager, about what we can do about the overload. We are researching mandatory spay/neuter ordinances and other long-term fixes. In the short term, we're just trying to get the word out and network.

Diedra is sulking in the potato bin again.
I still have not been able to find homes for Sandi and Bobby. And I actually took in two more foster cats - Mishu and Boots - to help Aggie with the load at the shelter. Both of the new cats need a little more one-on-one attention than they were getting at the crowded shelter. Full write-ups on them coming soon. To tide you over, here are some cute pics. I also shot welcome videos that are now on YouTube: Meet Mishu and Meet Boots.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Special Deals for July!!

Look at this awesome box! This box was specially designed to hold Otis Spunkmeyer frozen chocolate chip cookie dough. It is in excellent shape with only slight bending on the edges of the box flaps. For the month of July, you can take home this box FREE! But wait! There's more! If you call now, we'll throw in this adorable Calico Cat for absolutely no charge!
Yes, I have been offline at home for more than a week now. My laptop died and my meager IT skills weren't up to the task of reviving it. The cats tried to be supportive (check out this video of my Fuzzy IT Support), but I just couldn't get it to work. Now I'm waiting for a paycheck so I can get it into the shop. 

In the meantime I am posting sporadically from my phone and trying to check posts when I can at work - like now. (Don't tell my boss). The really sad part is I was going to post a kitty a day from the Ivins Animal Shelter to really push their free cat adoptions for July. Damn you, technology!!! Why did you fail me!!??

Do you have trouble keeping your books open when you read? Do your hands get tired holding those big hardcovers? We have a solution! This month only, you can get this one-of-a-kind Maine Coon mix fuzzy book weight FREE! Yes, you read that right! This amazing device - which can also be used as a hallway speed bump or a door stop - is free for the month of July. Call now! 
As I mentioned in my previous post back on the 6th, The Ivins Animal Shelter is completely packed with cats. It is a no-kill shelter, so the cats aren't in danger. But the shelter is not able to take any new cats right now, so any more that are rescued have to go to other shelter that ARE kill shelters. We really need to get these cats adopted out so the shelter can take more.

And yes, the free adoptions include Sandi and Bobby. If I can find them homes, then I can take a couple more foster cats. It's all about turnover!

You can see some of the cats up for adoption on Petfinder - although not all of them are listed yet - or you can call 435-673-1718. Or drop me a comment here or email me at SouthernUtahWriter @ and I'll get you all the info I can. Together we can find all these kitties homes.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

OMG! Kittens are free!!


The Ivins Animal Shelter is full of cats. And by full I mean they have cats and kittens crammed into every nook and cranny they can think of and in every foster home they can find. Ivins is a no-kill shelter, so the cats are all safe. But there is no room for any more, so any other kitties that are found have to go somewhere else - and the other shelter are kill shelters.
Peanut Butter
To help relieve the feline pressure, the shelter is offering free cat adoptions throughout July. Yes, you heard that right: FREE CAT ADOPTIONS!!! And so the puppies don't feel left out, all dog adoptions are half price.

The Ivins Animal Shelter is the only no-kill municipal shelter in Utah. It is located at 474 N. 200 West in Ivins, just outside the city of St. George, Utah. Ivins is at the south edge of Snow Canyon State Park and is home to the Tuacahn Amphitheatre, where they do live Broadway shows throughout the summer, and Fitness Ridge, where they film The Biggest Loser. It is also only an hour from Zion National Park, an hour and half from Las Vegas, and three hours from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

In other words, come visit Ivins! See the gorgeous scenery, catch a play and see if you can see anyone "losing it." Stop by my house - only a mile south of the shelter - and have some homemade vegetarian lasagna. And visit all the wonderful cats and kittens at the shelter and take one or three home with you. A kitty is a much better travel momento than a shot glass.

BTW - my foster cats Sandi and Bobby fall under this deal. You could take either - or both - home with you.

You can see some of the cats up for adoption on Petfinder - although not all of them are listed yet - or you can call 435-673-1718. Or drop me a comment here or email me at SouthernUtahWriter @ and I'll get you all the info I can. Together we can find all these kitties homes.