Friday, June 10, 2011

RIP Kenmore




RIP Kenmore. Note the nasty, dirty rug under it. Ugh!
Three days ago my faithful Kenmore Whispertone passed beyond the veil. It was a valiant machine, and had served me a full 20 years of picking up cat hair, dust and icky bugs. But now it's days are done, it's belts finally corroded beyond repair and its motor choked with rust. And so with a heavy heart - OK, the cats are actually quite happy to see it go, but I'm not - I bid the Kenmore farewell.

The "body." I told you this was gruesome.
I could not, of course, live without a vacuum cleaner. Just a few days without one and the couch looks like it has grown its own pelt. So today I went to the store and found a new one. It was even on sale!

I don't like to speak ill of the dead, but the old Kenmore was actually quite hard to use. It weighed a ton and took a lot of upper-body strength to maneuver. And the attachment didn't do a very good job of picking up the cat hair. Let's face it, cat hair is like velcro and simple suction just doesn't cut it.

This is one box the cats were not excited about.
I researched quite thoroughly before going shopping. I needed a vacuum that would do a good job on the cat hair but not take all my grocery money for the month. Eureka! I found one! Literally, it's a Eureka vacuum designed specifically for pet owners. It has an attachment with a brush to get the hair off of furniture and, joy of joys, it is bagless and has a HEPA filter. Yes, I am in cleaning heaven.

Another graphic photo, this time of the "parts." 
I was actually rather horrified when I opened the box and found dismembered vacuum bits inside. But I was fortunately able piece it together and Voila! It truly is a thing of beauty.

All put together. I'm pretty sure that's a halo around its handle.
Another funny note: I sent a pic of the new vacuum to my sister Kristin. She sent one back of her new vacuum. WE GOT THE SAME VACUUM! Great minds really do think alike.

A pic Kristin sent me of her new vacuum. Yep, we're laughing.