Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meow-mageddon Part III

Kitten season is in full swing here in Southern Utah. I made a visit to the Ivins Animal Shelter (my local shelter and the source of my foster cats) and witnessed the overwhelming cuteness first-hand.

Little gray tabby here is the only boy. You can tell he really wants to get away from all those girl cooties. 
I was talking to Aggie about a foster cat when Todd, one of the other animal control officers, opened one of the quarantine rooms to clean. POW! It was like taking the lid off a bottle of soda under pressure. The second that door was cracked open 8 little kittens made a break for it, careening down the hall in all directions. Apparently they are using the quarantine room as a kitten room, and momma and babies have free reign.

Newton's 4th Law: A kitten in motion will stay in motion until acted upon by a nap attack.
As I helped Todd retrieve the little furballs - and got some wonderful kitten loves in the process - Aggie told me about the influx of cats. The shelter has received 16 cats in the past week, many of them kittens. One lady fosters little ones and is a pro at bottle feeding. She has a nursing mother right now and the momma cat adopted some of the orphans. She didn't have enough milk to go around, though, so she ended up with another momma cat to help with the feeding. Meanwhile, the shelter is housing one more momma cat, her three kittens and a bunch more who are just now old enough to adopt out. Hence the cutest infestation ever.

In other words, COME VISIT IVINS AND ADOPT A KITTEN!! In fact, take two. They're small.

I was able to get a short video and a couple photos while they were contained in one of the cages during cleaning. I still wasn't able to get very good pics - something about them being in constant motion. But you can get the idea of how incredibly adorable these little guys are.

If you are interested in one of these sweet little bundles of joy, you can contact the Ivins Animal Shelter or leave me a comment here and I'll try to get info to you.

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