Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day

Did you know that having cats is eco-friendly? Having any kind of pet is good, but cats have been proven to reduce your carbon footprint more than any other animal.

Cats are truly hybrids, running partially off of solar power.
First, they are true hybrid animals. Yes, they require food. But they are also solar powered, reducing their need for solid food. The more direct sunlight they get each day, the less they need to eat! really!

Feeling chilled? Don't turn up the heat. Just throw on another cat!
They also help reduce your heating bill. As humans, we have the hardest time staying warm when we are stationary, either sitting or laying down. Fortunately, cats are naturally attracted to immobile humans and they transmit that stored solar energy to their "furniture." If you start getting cold in the middle of the night, don't turn on the electric blanket. Instead, just throw on another cat or two! They are cozy and warm and make that wonderful purring that is guaranteed to lull you to sleep.

Yes, you can make stuff with cat hair!
Your cat can also keep you warm when you leave the house. Thanks to instructions from Japanese crafter Kaori Tsutaya, you can make sweaters, shawls, blankets and decorations from your cats hair and take them with you wherever you go. Using your cat's hair for crafts is also a wonderful part of the reduce-reuse-recycle campaign. Don't send that hair to a landfill, make it into pillows!

Coordinate your furniture with your feline and voila! Instant decorating!
If you don't want to go through the effort of making pillows from cat hair, that's OK. You can skip a few steps and just leave the cats on the couch. Forget store-bought pillow that have been sewn by underpaid children and shipped on smelly, fuel-guzzling trucks. Just color-coordinate your home decor around your felines and you are an instant decorating success!

Big giant bugs in the house? Your cat can take care of it. Or he will at least give the bug some exercise by chasing it around.
Cats are also an eco-friendly method of pest control. Everyone knows about their ability to sustain themselves off of rodents. They can also chase off lizards and snakes. And some cats are pros at hunting pesky pests like roaches, spiders and grasshoppers. Moths don't stand a chance against these natural hunters - unless they fly up really high. Then they're fine.

Cats are pros at reduce-recycle-reuse. They are always finding new uses for household objects such as boxes.
So do your part for Mother Earth. Adopt a cat today!

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