Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some new Best Friends

Chewy was one of the wonderful animals I met at Best Friends.
Last week I had the joy of visiting the sanctuary for Best Friends Animal Society just outside of Kanab, Utah. It is only a 2-hour drive away, but for some reason I have never wandered over there before. But I got the OK from my boss to do a travel story on the sanctuary for the magazine so I headed out there for two days to collect info.

I returned home elated, exhausted and covered with rabbit, dog, horse, cat and pig hair ... and a few feathers.

And you thought Ashi had a big belly? This is Millie, one of the "Weight Watchers" cats at Best Friends. She's a total sweetheart and yes, she let me rub that belly.

Unfortunately I had trouble getting photos. I kept losing cell service and my phone is rather old so the battery kept going dead. I got a bunch of photos with the good magazine camera but my laptop is also rather old so I couldn't get them downloaded. I finally gave up and took the camera into the office today for Laurie, our graphic designer, to download. She has the special cable and a good computer to work with. I promise, promise, promise to take a flash drive into the office on Thursday and get some of those photos so I can post them.
Ashi spent hours camped out on my jacket after I got home. I don't know if she was enjoying the smells or trying to cover them up with her own.
In the meantime I have a couple shots I managed to get on my phone. And, of course, my own cats' reaction to my trip. Ashi went ape over my jacket when I got home. It was cold the whole time I was there so my jacket went everywhere. I was covered with everything from dog slobber and cat pee to parrot droppings and half-chewed hay. She walked around sniffing it from all angles, then plopped on top of it and didn't move for hours. I had to dump her off to put the poor abused garment in the washing machine.
Yep. Diedra's sulking. I had to bribe her with treats to get a potato for my breakfast this morning.
Meanwhile, Diedra is sulking big time. As of this morning she was still hanging out in the potato box on top of the fridge. She's just lucky I didn't bring a new critter home!

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