Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kate's Cats Comes to FaceBook

For those who may not have noticed, Kate's Cats is now on FaceBook. I originally wasn't going to let the cats loose in the Social Media scene - Seriously, could you imagine Tyrone loose on Twitter? - but I came to the realization that I am completely incapable of posting a short and sweet blog entry. I guess it's the writer in me; if it isn't at least 500 words it isn't worth it.

I've wanted to do a lot more with the blog. When I started it I imagined quick updates with cute pics from the day and/or links to rescue groups. But the quick and dirty just wasn't happening. So, I turned to FaceBook, which is tailor-made for such things. No, I haven't let the cats on Twitter, but I do post things on my regular Twitter account, although you have to wade through my other random crap to find it.

On Kate's Cats' FaceBook page you will find:

The daily Fat Brown Cat Update - What is Ashi up to? Contrary to popular belief she does not sleep on the dryer all day long. She also eats cheese ... and sits in the window ... and eats cheese ... and sits IN the dryer ... and begs for cheese ... and stretches out like a beached whale in the middle of the living room floor. The origin of the Fat Brown Cat Update is my sister, Kristin. She was my roomie when I first moved to Utah (and now is again; isn't life great?) and she would walk through the house announcing: "... and your Fat Brown Cat Update is ... " We still do it. And now I'm sharing it.

Diedra's Daily Links - As a former shelter cat, Diedra is very interested in animal rescue efforts of all kinds. With my help, she posts links for shelters, rescue groups, other pets on the net and just fun stuff that is cat-related.

Tyrone's Tweet of the Day - I won't let him have his own Twitter account, but I do let him browse my feed with me. Together we pick out our favorite fun or insightful Tweet for that day.

Coming soon to the page is Bobby's Friends - Bobby made some friends during his recent stay at the shelter and he wants to help them find forever homes. If I can ever figure out Kristin's new video camera, I will start posting video and photos of adoptable cats - and probably some dogs as well.

So come on over to Kate's Cats on FaceBook. It's a party.

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