Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bobby is Back!!

The first thing Bobby did was head straight for the food. I don't think he liked the kibble at the shelter.
Yeah! Bobby is back from the shelter and so far things are going fine.

Yesterday morning I went up to the Ivins Animals Shelter to make sure everything was fine on getting Bobby in for the Big Fix - That's our mobile spay/neuter clinic sponsored by No More Homeless Pets of Utah. I talked to Aggie, the absolutely wonderful Animal Control officer at the shelter, and we made a couple of decisions regarding our sweet boy.

As soon as Bobby came out of the carrier, Tyrone and Diedra hit the high ground. They've been cautious, but no fights so far.
First, Aggie knows more about animal behavior than anyone I have ever met. I know cats pretty well, but she makes me look like a noob. For one thing, I have NEVER dealt with an un-neutered male before. She told me that there are major problems with un-neutered adult males. They have to stay in quarantine at the shelter because they cause the other cats to go nuts if they are put in one of the community rooms. Even if the male himself is gently, like in Bobby's case, the other cats will attack because they believe him to be a threat. Since Bobby started getting attacked when a female cat went into heat in our area, Aggie believes that now that he is neutered he shouldn't have any problems.

No problems with aggression at the house. Here he accepts some loves. As you can see, he's had his ear tipped so others will know he's been altered.
She also confirmed my suspicions that Bobby is not a feral cat, but was a house cat that someone abused and then abandoned - cue flames shooting from the sides of my face. Nothing pisses me off more. From his reactions to the shelter staff, the abuser or abusers were men. He let Aggie handle him at first, but he actually attacked Todd, one of the other animal control officers. After a couple of days in the shelter, he started attacking Aggie as well. When I went in yesterday morning they had him in a cage so he couldn't attack the Big Fix staff - but he was completely gentle with me.

So, yesterday he was neutered and got his shots. And this morning I went and picked him up in hopes that now that he is fixed he won't be attacked anymore. It will take a week or so for his scent to change and the poor think is walking a bit funny (can you blame him?) so we're keeping him in the house for a couple of days. So far so good; Tyrone and Diedra have been leery of him but there haven't been any fights yet.

Bobby relaxes on Kristin's bed. It took him a couple of hours to really relax, but you can see he's much happier.
When I went to pick him up he was crouched in the corner of his quarantine cage. Aggie had me try to get him out since he'd been gentle with me. I reached in and let him sniff my finger and he immediately rubbed his cheek against my hand. I took my time getting him out of the cage and into the carrier, then lugged him out to the car for the short ride home. When I got him out of the car he perked up - he smelled home! I got him inside and opened the carrier and he sniffed at the carpet and let out the biggest sigh. I could just see the tension melt out of him.

He's not too happy about the cat door being closed but he's just hanging out, eating and getting plenty of sleep. He actually went in on Kassie's bed when the kids went down for the night and cuddled with her for a couple of hours. You can tell he's happy to be home.

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