Friday, December 17, 2010

Rainy Day Blues

There is nothing like a couple of cold, rainy days to make everyone go stir-crazy. That goes double for the felines. My cats are used to being able to go in and out whenever they want to, but the rain has forced them to stay inside. By this afternoon they were literally climbing the walls - Tyrone actually knocked one of the photos off the wall while leaping madly from the couch to the bookcase - and in desperation I finally kicked them all outside, rain be damned.

After about 20 minutes I gave in and let the soggy kitties back inside. They were suitably contrite and, after I gave them some treats (guilty conscience? Me? Never.) they slunk away to various hiding spots to dry off. Two hours later they are all still flattened and moping. I guess getting wet is just exhausting.

Tyrone found the highest spot he could to dry off and rest up. He took over Diedra's usual spot in the potato bin on top of the fridge.

Deidra went for the camouflage approach, spreading herself across the back of the recliner. She blends in rather well.

Bobby got as far away from the outside as possible and curled up on Kassie's bed. 

It took me forever to find Ashi. She definitely found the best spot in the house - and I guess I'll be washing those clothes again.

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