Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Weather According to Cats

Yep, it's raining again. No, wait! It's snowing! No, it's raining ... snowing? It can't make up its mind right now. It doesn't really matter - either way it's cold and wet outside.

Before there was The Weather Channel, people used to predict the weather by watching the behavior of the animals around them. One Wives' Tale I always remember is "Cat on brain, it's going to rain" meaning that if the cat is curled up with her head upside down, then there is rain coming soon. It was also believed that if a cat sneezes it means rain is on the way and that a cat sitting with her back to the fire means a storm is imminent.

I use my cats to tell me the weather all the time, although not in the same way as the wives' tales. If one of the cats sneezes I just figure he's been playing with dust bunnies under the bed. I have figured out the following:

Sign: Tyrone waits in the window instead of coming to meet me at the car in the morning.
Meaning: It's really effin' cold outside!

Sign: Diedra's hanging out on one of the bookshelves.
Meaning: It's wet outside and she wants me to curl up with a book so she can snuggle.

Sign: Bobby is spread out on one of the beds.
Meaning: It's raining and he needs to dry off. Those flannel sheets really soak up water well!

Sign: Tyrone and Diedra both curl up on my bed at the same time.
I know you can't actually see both of them. They stay as far apart as possible.
Meaning: It's below freezing outside and they're willing to put up with each other for the electric blanket.

Sign: My armpit is cold and wet.
Meaning: It's raining and a soggy Tyrone is trying to get warm.

Sign: One of the cats is snuggling with a Fleece/Gortex jacket.
Meaning: Better break out the snow tires!

Sign: Ashi is burrowed into the middle of a laundry basket.
Meaning: It's cold and wet and no one will turn on the dryer for her.

Sign: Tyrone is curled up with something fluffy and pink.
Meaning: This has nothing to do with the weather. He just feels FABulous!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Ashi will put up with the indignity of a hat if there is cheese involved.
The kitties and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Yule, Happy Boxing Day, and Happy Hogmany. I think that covers everything.

Bobby liked the tree before there were presents. He likes plenty of space.
I tried to get pics of all the cats in the Santa hat. Yeah, that didn't work out. Tyrone tried to eat it. Bobby ran away from it. Diedra kept shaking it off her head, then hid under the bed. Ashi is the only one who sat still - mainly because she was too lazy to do anything about the "indignity" of the situation. Plus, I bribed her with cheese.

Tyrone emerges from his secret hide-a-way under the tree.
I did get some pics of Tyrone and Bobby sleeping under the Christmas tree. Bobby loved the tree at first, but as we started putting presents under it it got too crowded for him. Tyrone, on the other hand, loves hanging out under there. We had to leave a space in the back for him so he wouldn't rip apart the presents trying to move them out of his way. Diedra's too good for that, too, of course. But I'm sure she'll wish you Happy Holidays anyway.

Diedra is too dignified for Santa hats or Christmas trees. She was willing to supervise my baking, though.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rainy Day Blues

There is nothing like a couple of cold, rainy days to make everyone go stir-crazy. That goes double for the felines. My cats are used to being able to go in and out whenever they want to, but the rain has forced them to stay inside. By this afternoon they were literally climbing the walls - Tyrone actually knocked one of the photos off the wall while leaping madly from the couch to the bookcase - and in desperation I finally kicked them all outside, rain be damned.

After about 20 minutes I gave in and let the soggy kitties back inside. They were suitably contrite and, after I gave them some treats (guilty conscience? Me? Never.) they slunk away to various hiding spots to dry off. Two hours later they are all still flattened and moping. I guess getting wet is just exhausting.

Tyrone found the highest spot he could to dry off and rest up. He took over Diedra's usual spot in the potato bin on top of the fridge.

Deidra went for the camouflage approach, spreading herself across the back of the recliner. She blends in rather well.

Bobby got as far away from the outside as possible and curled up on Kassie's bed. 

It took me forever to find Ashi. She definitely found the best spot in the house - and I guess I'll be washing those clothes again.