Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow? No problem

This is what I saw when I got home from work at 7:30 yesterday morning. It had been raining in St. George since about 4:30 a.m. - one of those cold rains that keeps trying to turn into snow. Well, it had tried a little harder at my house in Ivins. The elevation is a little higher and the white stuff was all over the place.

I opened the front door to find Ashi snuggled into Kassie's coat, which she had left on the floor. Diedra had found an even cozier spot on the chair where Kent had left one of his blankets. They both shot me dirty looks saying "close the damn door! It's freezing out there!"

The snow had melted by about 10 a.m., but the cats weren't taking any chances. They stayed in the house all day.

Smart cats.

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