Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meet Tyrone

Tyrone is a handsome boy - and he knows it.
Tyrone technically isn't my cat, he is Kent's. But he lives in my house and I feed him, so I guess that makes him a Kate's cat by default.

Two years ago we had a Halloween Party at my place. There wasn't much attendance, but there were a couple people with their kids. We had the little ones playing around in the back yard and, when we went to check on them, found out they were playing with a little black-and-white cat. Kristin had remembered seeing the cat at one of the houses down the street and picked the little fluffball up and tried to take it back. However, the people told her that it was actually a stray that just lived under their shed. Kristin tried to leave it there, but it scampered right back after her. Kent (then 3 years old) was overjoyed and declared that it was HIS cat! We named "her" Boadicea only to find out when we went in to get her spayed that in fact we needed to get him neutered. The name was shortened to Bo.
Bo was our Halloween cat. He was only with us for a few months, but he was well-loved.

Bo lived with us for a while and Kent absolutely loved him. Bo was a big fluffy cuddler, which was perfect for a house with small children. Unfortunately, after he'd lived with us for a few months, he disappeared. He had kept slipping his collar so he wasn't wearing a tag and the signs we posted yielded no results. The kids were devastated.
Kent and Tyrone watch hang out and watch some TV.

The next October, we asked Kent what he wanted for his birthday and he told us he wanted a cat. We kept asking and he kept giving us the same answer. Kristin took the kids to the Ivins Animal Shelter up the street and they spent some time looking at the kitties. They made several visits, then came home with a half-grown kitten. He was white and orange and Kent named him Tyrone after the orange moose in Backyardigans, one of his favorite shows.
Tyrone tolerates some attention from Kassie.

Tyrone is one mellow boy, again perfect for kids. He hasn't gotten very large - he is just a bit shorter than Diedra and he is still as scrawny as a teenage boy. He loves to go out and find treasures and bring them home for us. At first it was leaves and twigs and once a "wild" pipe cleaner that he had found who-knows-where. That upgraded to beetles and grasshoppers and then, unfortunately, to birds. His collar now has a bell on it and his bird captures have decreased dramatically. He still brings in the occasional bug and once he brought in what looked like the drawstring from a sleeping bag (yeah, I don't get it either) but for the most part his offerings are harmless.
Tyrone collapses in exhaustion after chasing a captured grasshopper (the dark splotch on the right side of the photo).

Tyrone loves to be outside and he has a whole flock of cats he hangs out with. We call them his Honeys and we have found them waiting for him on the porch or, once, in the living room hanging out. When I get home from work after a graveyard shift, he will often come running from wherever and meet me at the car, then run inside for some loves and some fresh food. I can hear that bell from a couple houses away and if I'm not fast enough unloading my stuff, he sits on the sidewalk and chitters and meows at me until I get my act together.

We're pretty sure Bobby was one of Tyrone's outside buddies, which would explain how he figured out the cat door and such. It also would explain why Tyrone didn't mind at all when Bobby would come waltzing in to steal food - at least at first. All in all Tyrone is just a laid-back, friendly cat who just wants to get along with everyone.
Tyrone makes relaxation an art form.

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