Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Ashi, Diedra, Tyrone and Bobby would like to with everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving has always been Ashi's favorite holiday. Here very first day with me was Thanksgiving day and she learned really quickly that I am a messy cook and I'm always dropping yummy things on the floor. She now hovers in the kitchen any time someone is cooking, but she has a special place in her heart - actually it's her stomach - for Thanksgiving turkey.

Ashi actually likes Tofurkey. But I don't so we'll never have it in my house again.
She was no doubt disappointed this year that I did all the cooking at my parents' house. They have two cats but they weren't interested in the whole turkey thing. I spent hours cooking and didn't trip over a cat even once! Fortunately for Ashi, I gathered some scraps off the carcass and took them home for my cats.

BTW, did you know that one of the strangest noises known to man is that of a cat purring while it's eating? It is a strange growling "nom nom nom" sound. Yeah, she likes turkey that much.

The reactions to the turkey offering was mixed. Ashi made that growling "nom nom nom" sound as she scarfed her portion. Tyrone almost knocked me over twining about my ankles, then pushed the little plate all over the kitchen while making sure he got every last scrap. I could almost hear Bobby thinking "OMG! OMG! This is awesome! OMG!" while he sniffed it over then dug in with gusto.

Diedra didn't eat it. She gave it a tentative sniff, then stalked off with a sniff of disdain. That's OK, Ashi finished it off for her ... still making that "nom" sound.

I tried to shoot video of the cats with the turkey but it didn't turn out at all well. Hopefully Santa will answer my plea for a video camera. In the meantime, just use your imagination. :-)

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