Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Friction, Part 2

The kitties continue to "fight" it out for dominance in the house. Kristin sent me a choice photo of Tyrone invading Diedra's new sleeping spot in the potato box. I found him there again today. I have no idea where Diedra is sleeping now. She has found a hidey hole somewhere and is sulking.
Diedra discovers Tyrone in her new sleeping spot in the potato box on top of the fridge. NOT happy!! - Photo by Kristin McCoy
The outright fighting is still pretty minimal. Ashi caused a fuss this morning when Bobby tried to go down the hall into my bedroom and there was some growling over the food dishes this afternoon, but it's mostly just a subtle jockeying for position.
You can almost hear the sides of that box groan under the pressure.
Who will finally win the top spot? Will Deidra ever get her box back? Will the box be able to withstand the pressure of a larger, heavier cat? Will Diedra and/or Tyrone hatch any potatoes?

Stay tuned for answers.

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