Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why I started this blog

I love animals. I love dogs with their winning personalities and unconditional acceptance. I love horses with their grace and strength. I love floofy bunnies and hyper hamsters, puffy chinchillas and devious ferrets. I love the smooth fluidity of snakes and the awesome diversity of lizards. I love the slow-but-steady dignity of turtles and tortoises and the quick, in-your-face humor of dolphins and whales.

But most of all, I absolutely adore cats.
I hang out with Tyrone, one of my cats.
I love felines in all their wondrous variety: big, small, long-haired, short-haired, spotted, striped and swirled. The crying of a kitten or cub touches my heart faster and stronger than that of a human baby and I just can't resist a whiskered face looking for love or food. And apparently they know that, because the lonely, lost and starving ones always seem to find my doorstep.

Besides being owned by cats of my own, I have also fostered shelter cats and volunteered at adoption events. I have worked with the feral cat program and advocated for the ASPCA. I have served on the board for a no-kill shelter and spent hours feeding, cleaning, loving and socializing these wonderful animals in search of a home.

A couple of years ago, things changed. My youngest sister, Kristin, and her two small children moved in with me. This was a wonderful thing, but the addition of two small children to the house - Kent was 1 1/2 at the time and Kassie was 6 months - put an end to my fostering program. Then my health took a downturn and I no longer had the energy for the volunteer work with the shelters and rescue groups.

I have recently started trying to find ways I can still help. There are a plethora of groups out there doing a wonderful job helping cats and other animals in need. But which one do I go with? And what good can I really do when I only have a couple hours per month when I feel well enough to do anything besides sleep and go to work?

The answer finally came to me while I was - fittingly - trying to spend some socialization time with Bobbi, a feral cat that recently started showing up at my house. Why do I have to pick only one group to help? I am a writer. I spend several hours per day on the computer and I network with people across the country - even across the globe. Why not do what I do best, share some fun and inspiring stories about my own cats, and raise awareness for the groups out there fighting the good fight to find these gorgeous creatures homes.

I will be content if I find a loving family for just one lost, lonely cat. Yet I won't rest until every single homeless pet has a forever home.

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