Thursday, October 21, 2010

What is it with boxes?

I am ceaselessly entertained by cats and boxes. Big, small, flat, tall, folded or covered, a cat will sleep on, in or under a box if given the slightest choice. Why? you ask. Good question.

With some boxes it makes sense. The cat can cuddle inside it like its a cave, warm and protected. But what about the cramped box that leaves their feet hanging out? Or the box folded flat to the floor? Or the one that's so shallow they might as well be sleeping flat on the floor?

And they don't just sleep in boxes. They sit in them, play in them, hide under them and stash their toys in them. They use them to sharpen their claws. They chew on them or shred them to pieces. If the box is full, they will use all their ingenuity to empty it or simply melt themselves around the contents, taking up all available space.

I have yet to meet a cat who didn't love boxes. It is one universal appeal among feline kind. And it is one of those mysteries that will leave those of us who are not cats baffled for all time.

But it's cute, so we'll let them do it.
Diedra takes a flattened box for a test drive.
This one's a little bit better ... but not by much.

Ashi says: If I fits in it I sits in it!
If you don't fit in it, sleep on it.
Tyrone is an expert in interpretive box sleeping.
This box obviously does not meet Diedra's high standards.


  1. Thanks! I love talking about my kitties, so I figured I'd subject the whole world to them. :-)