Friday, October 22, 2010

Real men rescue cats

I saw an awesome sight today. I was driving down St. George's main drag and saw a barbecue set up in front of one of the fire stations. I don't eat meat, but I was sorely tempted to stop and get a burger anyway. Why? Because there is nothing hotter (pun intended) than a fireman.

Then it got even better: I saw a sign saying that the barbecue was to raise funds for one of the local animal rescue groups. I pretty much had a lust attack right there on the spot. The only thing sexier than a fireman is a fireman who rescues animals. And you don't necessarily have to be a fireman. Any animal rescuer or shelter volunteer will do. You could be hunchbacked and covered in boils and you would still be sexy if you are helping get a kitten out of a tree.

Several months ago I found a bumper sticker on the Animal Rescue Site that I absolutely fell in love with. It says "Real Men Rescue Cats." I posted a link on my FaceBook and declared to the world that if I ever saw a vehicle with that sticker, I would track that guy down and marry him on the spot. That offer still stands.

So it's no surprise that when I heard of NOWZAD and the Puppy Rescue Mission I was immediately attracted. NOWZAD is a rescue group that helps bring dogs and cats out of Afghanistan and Iraq. These are animals that were found and rescued by soldiers serving in the area. The soldiers care for and love these animals, but when they are restationed they have to leave them behind because military transportation does not allow animals. NOWZAD and Puppy Rescue Mission raise funds for civilian transport out of the war zone and provides safe shelter for the animals until they get on the plane. You can check out the links to both groups on the right side of this page.

You know, soldiers who rescue animals might be even hotter than firemen. It's definitely a toss-up.

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