Friday, October 22, 2010

Rainy days

Water falling from the sky. [sigh]
My first hint that it was raining last night was waking up because my back was cold. I lay there for a moment trying to figure it out, then realized I was cold because there was a big wet spot on my bed. Tyrone was completely soaked and had come in to cuddle and get warm.
Wet toes wet toes wet toes wet toes wet toes wet toes ...
It doesn't rain very often in Southern Utah, but when it does it really comes down. And it baffles the cats big time. Ashi will try to ignore it until she is so wet she can't stand it. Tyrone will go out and play anyway, then come in doing the "wet feet" dance. Diedra just sits in the window looking forlorn, shooting me glares every once and a while; after all, it's my fault it's wet outside!

Don't worry, kitties. The rain won't last long.

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