Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meet Bobby

Bobbi is a very recent addition to the household. We have no idea what her story is - or even if she is a her and not a he.
Bobbi finds a cozy spot out of the rain.
A month or so ago I came down the hall to the kitchen and saw a dark cat go streaking out of the laundry room where we keep the cat food and out the cat door. I just caught a flash of dark fur and at first I thought it was Diedra, but then I saw Diedra sitting in the chair in the living room. For the next week or so that's all we saw: a flash of a dark tail disappearing out the door.

From what Kristin and I were able to figure, it was a feral or abandoned cat that had figured out that a house meant food. We started calling it "cat," then started calling it "Bob." We finally decided on Bobbi, so that it could easily be switched to Bobby if she ended up being a boy.
A few days ago Bobbi got daring enough to check out my bedroom.
Bobbi has slowly become more comfortable coming into the house. First she would just curl up on the floor near the cat door. Then we started finding her on the big pillow under the window or even on the couch. One very daring day I even found her on my bed, much to Diedra's dismay. She would still run from Kristin and I, but we caught her one day on the pillow next to Kent and she was letting him pet her.

We've been taking things slow with her, letting her take her time and go where she is comfortable. I've been coaxing her closer with cat treats, but letting her back away if she gets spooked. This morning we reached a turning point when she came into the kitchen while I was fixing lunch and "talked" a bit until I gave her a treat. Then she let me scratch her head a bit and even leaned into it so I would rub her ears.

We still haven't gotten close enough to verify if she is in fact a she. We also don't know her age. She has that gangly look of an adolescent, but she is large. With her thick, shaggy fur and her size we are thinking there may be some Maine Coon genetics going on. Eventually she'll get comfy enough with us and we'll get a better look at her and get her to the vet for a checkup. But for right now we're letting her take her time.
Bobby comes inside to get some chow. He has the most beautiful pale green eyes.

UPDATE: October 22, 2010

I have been able to confirm that Bobby is in fact male and so it is officially Bobby - or just Bob - and not Bobbi.

Last night he was sitting by the back door just kind of hanging out and watching me. So I sat down on the floor a few feet away and just waited. After a few minutes his curiosity won out over caution and he crept over and started sniffing me. I could almost hear this thoughts: WTF are you doing down here?

I held out my hand for him and he sniffed all over and then let me pet him a little bit, one eye closed in bliss while the other stayed open to keep an eye on things. Then he walked over to get some food. And yes, from that angle, I was able to confirm the male thing.

This takes a little pressure off of us with his socialization. We were worried that packing him off to the vet would damage what work we've done with him, and if he was female we would be cutting it real close on getting her in to be spayed before she went into heat. With a male, though, we can afford to wait a bit longer before trapping him and subjecting him to a vet visit.

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