Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bobby Boxed

He didn't fit very well, but Bobby just had to try out Diedra's box.
I came out into the kitchen this afternoon to hunt up some lunch and was treated to the sight of Bobby trying to curl up in Diedra's favorite box. Bobby is quite a bit larger than Diedra, and he kept shifting and squirming and moving around trying to get comfy. Bits of him were overflowing the sides, but dammit! He was going to sleep in the box!

I snapped a couple photos, then tried to get some video of him squirming like a 3-year-old. Just as I got the video started, though, Tyrone had to come along and see what was going on. Tyrone was VERY worried that someone else was in the box and he kept getting in the way. Then something remarkable happened: Bobby settled in let me pet him! He has allowed a quick scratch between the ears before, but he let me do the full-head rub and tail scritch. I was so excited I just had to share.

Sorry about the poor quality of the video. It was shot with my cell phone, not a real camera. But it still recorded an awesome moment with Kate's Cats. You can see it on YouTube HERE.

After that I started having WAY too much fun with the video thing. Here is the first episode from a new show called "CSI: Cat Scene Investigation."

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